Switch the Habit from Smoking To Vaping

Have you been contemplating how to successfully quit smoking? If you have, it helps to know that even though you may not have taken that leap just yet, simply considering it is at least a very beneficial first step. Inevitably these thoughts will influence you to make the final decision to quit smoking and when that moment transpires, you will need to be fully prepared.

We at STIG understand the difficulties you, a family member or a friend may be facing. This is why we wanted to share 5 tips on how to quit smoking with you. These straightforward steps were only the starting point for most of us. It really helped in creating a basic path to follow in order to resist cravings and keep us on track to achieving our goal of living a smoke-free life.

Getting Started

1) Understand Why You Want To Quit Smoking

It is crucial to really understand why you want to quit smoking and why making a commitment to do so is important. Ridding yourself of a habit such as smoking is really tough, as we all know. It can only take one minute of weakness to go back to something you have been putting so much effort into resisting.

We recommend creating a list detailing why you want to quit smoking, why it is important to you, the timeline you will give yourself to achieve your goals and what would be the risks if you do not commit to these goals.

You should keep this list with you early on in your journey. This list will also benefit you as a daily reminder of why you wanted to start this journey and that your dedication is imperative to your success. And in moments of weakness, it will serve as a reminder of why you began this journey, so you will not give in.

2) Choose a Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT’s have been available for some time and are thought to be by medical experts very helpful tools to reduce nicotine intake little by little until dependence no longer exists.

Nicorette was invented in Sweden in 1967 and the nicotine patch was invented by doctors at UCLA in 1984. Now there are sprays, inhalers and lozenges too. There are also prescription drugs available upon recommendation by your primary physician. We at STIG chose vaping as our NRT.

We found right away that vaping offers enough nicotine transfer through e-liquid turned to vapor. It also offers a similar mouth and throat feel to that of smoking a cigarette or hookah.

We have been able to kick the habit for good thanks to vaping and are happy to say that millions of people around the world have also been able to embrace vaping as an alternative to live a smoke free life.

3) Choose A Quit Day

Choosing an official quit day is crucial to starting on your path to a smoke free life. When choosing your quit day, it is important to remember a few key ideas.

  • Carefully choose a day in the near future that will enable you to mentally and physically prepare for the many changes about to take place in your life.
  • Ask yourself, “What will my process be for quitting?” I will either: 
    • A) smoke until my quit day and then just quit smoking. 
    • B) choose a quit day, make an effort to cut down on smoking each day and then quit. 
    • C) choose a quit day and completely make the switch to the nicotine replacement therapy of my choosing.

4) Plan Your Daily Activities

When your quit day finally arrives, it is best if you plan this day accordingly. You are going to want to add some extra activities throughout the first few weeks to help distract you from thinking about smoking. This will help you learn to replace old habits with new habits that are not associated with smoking. Below are a few examples of activities you can add to your day if you haven’t already.

  • Try to get out of your house and get some exercise. Take a walk, go for a jog or join a local gym.
  • Drink more water.
  • Incorporate yoga, meditation or calm music into your day to help you breathe easy and stay focused.
  • Watch a movie, play a fun video game or read a book.
  • Hang out with friends who are supportive of your decision to stop smoking.

  • We’re sure you can come up with a lot more activities you would enjoy doing. But at this point, it is important to remember that your focus should be on your moment to moment efforts and not the entire outcome. Focusing on the entire outcome might lead to an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, which might just be enough for you to give into your cravings.

    If this happens, refer back to your list of reasons why you want to make this change in your life and try to stay positive that you will overcome your cravings by creating a routine of activities for yourself. And the days go by, you will become stronger and better trained at increasing and maintaining your will power.

    5) Inform Your Family and Friends About Your Decision To Quit Smoking

    To garner as much support as you can, it is a good idea that you spread the word about your plan to quit smoking. But before you do, be sure to carefully consider what would be most helpful to you throughout your journey from those that you confide in.

    Start by notifying those closest to you that you have chosen a quit day. Let them know why and how you feel about making the decision to quit. And then lastly, ask them for their support in your decision and inform them of the ways in which they can help you through the process.

    Are You Ready To Quit Smoking?

    It helps to remember that the quitting process will be different for everyone. But the 5 tips on how to stop smoking above are basic first steps that can help keep you motivated to achieve your goal of living a smoke free lifestyle. No matter what happens, try to stay positive.

    Deciding that you want to quit smoking is easy, but the process of changing behaviors by changing thought patterns and reward systems is not an easy feat. You should always remember that this is a moment to moment process and you are only human.

    Believe in yourself and try to not get discouraged. It might feel like a very slow forward momentum and almost as if things are not progressing. Forward momentum is still progress, no matter how slow. With time and patience, you can prevail and achieve ultimate success!