WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


  1. Study Shows Vaping Is Less Toxic Than Smoking Cigarettes

    A recently published study about E-cigarettes from an international peer-reviewed medical journal, the JAMA Network, made headlines today on CNN. The headline, “E-cigarettes less toxic to users than cigarettes, study says” is not so surprising to many vapers, doctors and scientists, but to most Americans, it could come across as a total shocker. However...
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  2. Freebase VS Salts

    STIG pods are pre-filled with nicotine salt e-liquid made by SaltNic Labs. SaltNic Labs is well known for collaborating with VGOD to bring to you their e-juice in nicotine salt e-liquid form, which is also in STIG pods. Cubano, Lush Ice and now Iced Mango Bomb are all VGOD e-juices that have been formulated with nicotine salts to have higher nicotine strengths for those who want to quit...
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  3. What You Can Expect When You Quit Smoking and Begin Vaping

    There are a ton of known symptoms that you will experience when you quit smoking cigarettes like cravings, restlessness, irritability, possible increases in appetite and even some weight gain. With the help of vaping you will be able to bypass all these uncomfortable effects of nicotine withdrawal. When you are ready to kick that habit, we highly recommend getting a few packs of STIGs for an easier transition. A pack of STIGs is going to help you out right away because there is no preparation required and you can get started with vaping as fast as you can open the pack.
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  4. Things To Remember When Switching From Smoking To Vaping

    To make the commitment to stop smoking is a tough thing to do. We at STIG understand the challenges that you are facing. Many of us here at STIG have also gone through the arduous task of quitting and by turning to vaping we have been able to be successful. And, now we want to help you, so that you too can be successful in finally putting those cigarettes behind you!

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  5. What is Salt Nicotine?

    As you enjoy switching the habit by vaping your STIG, you may be wondering what salt nicotine is? Not to worry because we here at STIG have answers for you. Of course, we are in no way Bill Nye The Science Guy, but we do have a few key points that will increase your understanding of salt nicotine.

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  6. The highly anticipated STIG Is available now!

    New revolutionary inventions seem to continually be released everyday in the vaping industry and that is why it is an honor to finally introduce the STIG to the vaping market! This disposable, all in one pod system does not fall short of incredible. The STIG is going to transform the vaping experience for everyone who uses it do to the fact that it provides an effortless, flavorful and satisfying salt nicotine experience! It is an on-draw device that is always ready when you are. It rivals the smoking experience with a smooth throat hit and higher nicotine absorption with less vape juice and vapor production. Best of all, your clothes won’t smell, no stale smoke odor from cigarette butts or yellow teeth!

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