STIG Pods - Ultra Portable Vape Pod Device at ECC 2019

The ECC 2019 Expo is coming to Southern California August 30th through September 1st. It will be taking place once again at the Ontario Convention Center and is scheduled to be quite a massive vaping event. STIG will be representing the disposable pod vape system genre at ECC and will be joined by VGOD and SaltNic Labs.

Stop by the STIG booth, which is located at 620 on the ECC convention center map to get STIG packs at special expo pricing! STIG will be accompanied by SaltNic Labs and VGOD. This is a great opportunity to get your favorite STIG pod flavors in 30ml or 60ml bottles with lower nicotine levels.

Getting your hands on a couple of bottles of your favorite STIG flavors will be really convenient for you to have when you are ready to start lowering your nicotine levels. You won’t have to worry about switching flavors because SaltNic has masterfully blended those same flavors you love in 50mg and 25mg nicotine strengths.

When you are ready to lower your intake even more, VGOD blends also blends the same flavors in 6mg, 3mg and as low as 0mg. This makes your vaping journey smooth and easy when you’re making the switch from smoking to vaping. If you can stick with the same flavors you love throughout, you’ll never consider going back to smoking. We guarantee it!

So cruise on out to Ontario and get STIG pods at ECC 2019!