How long do STIG pods last is probably the most common question we get. We’re here to clear the air on this question, so we’re going to start with some simple facts and run with it. 

STIG pods come in a 3 pack. Each STIG pod is equivalent to 1 entire pack of cigarettes with 1.2ml of salt nicotine e-liquid that contains 6.0% nicotine by volume.

1 pack of cigarettes contains 20 cigarettes. If you are trying to quit cigarettes and have a pack a day habit, then 1 STIG will last you 1 day. To that end, if you smoke half a pack a day, 1 STIG pod will last you about 1 ½ to 2 full days. If you typically smoke a ¼ of a pack a day, 1 STIG will last you 3 or possibly 4 days. 

The above is just based on your possible smoking habits. Salt nicotine crosses the brain barrier faster and stays in your bloodstream for longer periods of time. Therefore, it will give you longer lasting satisfaction. This means you should, in essence, be vaping less than what you would typically smoke in a day and this is a major benefit of the STIG pod. 

Anything in life should be used in moderation and we at STIG stand behind this. The STIG was created to be a tool to use when anyone who is a smoker wants to stop smoking. If you know anyone who has struggled, at one time or another, to quit smoking, the STIG will be a beneficial tool for them. 

Recommend STIG’s to a friend or family member today and celebrate living a smoke free life!