Juul Starter Kit VS Stig - Comparison

While Juul still struggles to understand how to design the perfect product to provide their customers with a seamless transition into vaping, STIG has already developed a solution for those who would like to gain control over their relationship with nicotine. Let’s be honest, quitting smoking is a serious attempt at a deliberate behavioral change in your life and STIG wants to help you succeed today!

Juul Starter Kit

There is no need for a costly Juul Starter Kit to understand how to stop smoking and start vaping. The Juul Starter Kit requires a lot from someone who is not fully committed to vaping yet such as charging the battery and replacing pods. Remembering to charge your Juul pod can be a challenge when you lead a busy life and smoking seems like an easier quick fix.

Stig Pod Device Best Juul Alternative

This is why STIG is the best solution. There are no buttons, no battery charging necessary or refilling required. It is a complete all in one miniature pod system that is activated by directly drawing on the small mouthpiece. It is simply easy to use, convenient and an effective method to switching the habit for those who are undecided on the idea of vaping, but still want to quit smoking.

STIG pods are pre-filled with 1 of 6 e-liquid flavors that are enjoyed by many throughout the vaping community. And unlike the Juul Starter Kit, the STIG pod device includes a pre-charged low wattage battery that will last through the consumption of the e-liquid, so you never have to worry about charging.

A pack of STIG pods includes 3 individually packaged pods that are completely ready for use. It is that easy. Simply unwrap the STIG pod, remove the plastic from the mouthpiece of the pod and you can start vaping right away. And that is why STIG pods instead of a Juul Starter Kit is definitely a faster route to getting started with vaping.

With the type of easy system that we at STIG have created, the JUUL Starter Kit has seriously become obsolete. The battery on the Juul pod device does not last you all day, the pods are still quite pricey and difficult to find. Let’s face it that Juul is just not that convenient to start vaping with anymore. And this is where STIG instead of JUUL is the better choice for getting started right away with ease, no complications and superior satisfaction.

Grab some STIG packs today and switch the habit for good!