A recently published study about E-cigarettes from an international peer-reviewed medical journal, the JAMA Network, made headlines today on CNN. The headline, “E-cigarettes less toxic to users than cigarettes, study says” is not so surprising to many vapers, doctors and scientists, but to most Americans, it could come across as a total shocker. However to their defense, the American media tends to paint a dark and scary picture when it comes to vaping.

With the arrival of this study, there is suddenly some light peeking through all the darkness. After a cross-sectional analysis was performed in respect to biomarkers of exposure to tobacco toxicants, researchers have concluded that “..those who used only e-cigarettes had lower levels of exposure than people who smoked traditional cigarettes or who smoked traditional cigarettes and vaped.”

Researchers examined four groups: cigarette only smokers, e-cigarette only users, dual users and non-smokers. Among these groups those conducting the study looked for concentrations of 50 different biomarkers that would demonstrate exposure to tobacco related toxins. This research led them to conclude that “The users of e-cigarettes are exposed to several toxicants.” But then went on to state that, “...when compared with tobacco smokers, then we found that the levels of the toxicant in the e-cigarette users are significantly lower.”

The study did note that dual users showed the highest levels of toxins in their system and recommended that when one is trying to quit smoking, that they make a complete switch to vaping. “Dual users evidenced the highest levels of tobacco toxicant exposure, even more than exclusive smokers….,” wrote Theodore Wagener, who is the director of tobacco regulatory science research at the Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center and assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

In case you were wondering, this study was supported by federal funds from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, and the Center for Tobacco Products, the FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services, under contracts to Westat. And this is the first toxicological study based on the American population, so hopefully this will serve to establish the perspective in America that vaping can be a useful tool to help smokers kick the habit of smoking cigarettes for good.

To read more, go to the JAMA Network to read the published study entitled, Comparison of Nicotine and Toxicant Exposure in Users of Electronic Cigarettes and Combustible Cigarettes. The CNN article can be found here.