As you enjoy switching the habit by vaping your STIG, you may be wondering what salt nicotine is? Not to worry because we here at STIG have answers for you. Of course, we are in no way Bill Nye The Science Guy, but we do have a few key points that will increase your understanding of salt nicotine. We will start with some very basic information on nicotine and then we will delve deeper into the chemical composition of nicotine that enables e-liquid manufacturers like SaltNic Labs to produce an exceptionally flavorful tasting and satisfying vape experience.

salt nicotine

For starters, nicotine is found in many plants from the solanaceae (pronounced, so-la-nae-c-i) or nightshade plants. The tobacco plant has the highest concentrations of the alkaloid, nicotine. And, just so you know, alkaloids are compounds of plant origin that have pronounced physiological effects on humans. Nicotine salt is the natural form in which nicotine is found in tobacco leaves. This form of nicotine has a few drawbacks. For starters, it is a more stable form of nicotine, yes, but to vape it as such, would require extremely high temperatures for it to be effective. Higher concentrations of nicotine tends to deplete flavor and is exceedingly harsh to vape. Plus, in this form, nicotine is not as bioavailable. This means your body will have a difficult time taking in nicotine rendering it still rather ineffective.

In order to make higher concentrations of nicotine a reality in e-liquid, chemists discovered that benzoic acid could be added into the mixture. This allows for a lower acidic chemistry in the nicotine salts, which does a few things. First, the salt nicotine e-liquid can be vaped at much lower temperatures and that is why salt e-liquid is vaped with low wattage devices only. Second, despite higher concentrations of nicotine, it is able to deliver a smooth vaping experience without negatively affecting the flavor. Furthermore, the nicotine becomes much more easily absorbed into the human body. In fact, salt e-liquid ends up providing even better blood absorption resulting in a more rapid delivery into your system than the more traditional e-juice.

All the above reasons are exactly why STIG can have 6% nicotine content by volume while offering a great tasting, flavorful and satisfying vape experience. STIG is a clean, tasteful, and uncomplicated way to switch the habit for a healthier lifestyle. So, if you know anyone struggling with quitting, please tell them about the STIG pack and help get them on track to accomplish their goal!

In our next blog post we will be discussing how to use the STIG to reach your goals of quitting and what to expect while making that switch. We would love to hear your thoughts. If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please comment below and we will get this conversation going!